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The excellence: Our strategy is to be among the best exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables, increase our revenue and our market share with sufficient profitability by providing high quality products, competitive, diverse, in perfect harmony with environmental compliance and safety regulations.
Integrity and respect of our commitments: Induced by our involvement and our continuing efforts to honor our commitments, while respecting the quality of our products and delivery times.
Entrepreneurship: We do our best to continually improve our skills and performance, focusing all efforts towards common goals and implementing a management system based on best practices and oriented towards the total satisfaction of our clients.



Quality is a top priority for us; therefore we strive to integrate quality control and product safety standards and regulations.
Our producer partners are selected for their ability to produce fruits and vegetables that meet the requirements of European regulations. They are checked regularly by a certification body accredited by the government and audited by our teams. The results of these audits can assess aspects of traceability, certification, control and hygiene.


The best fresh fruits and vegetables directly cultivated under the sun of southern Morocco.

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