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The excellence: Our strategy is to be among the best exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables, increase our revenue and our market share with sufficient profitability by providing high quality products, competitive, diverse, in perfect harmony with environmental compliance and safety regulations.
Integrity and respect of our commitments: Induced by our involvement and our continuing efforts to honor our commitments, while respecting the quality of our products and delivery times.
Entrepreneurship: We do our best to continually improve our skills and performance, focusing all efforts towards common goals and implementing a management system based on best practices and oriented towards the total satisfaction of our clients.



At BL Agri, we love quality. Our base is in southern Morocco, where the land is rich and produces wonderful fruits and vegetables. We work with farmers who understand the importance of growing food the right way. These farmers follow the big rules set by Europe to ensure everything is of top quality. We make regular trips to these farms to see for ourselves. This helps us ensure everything is just right – from the way the crops grow to how clean and safe the process is. Every step is about giving you the best. So when you choose BL Agri, you know you're getting some of the finest fruits and vegetables out there."


BL Agri Group operates in both Morocco and Europe, and we're all about quality. We partner with local farmers who grow the best quality of fruits and vegetables.


They follow strict European standards to make sure everything is grown right. Our team checks these farms often, ensuring the best quality and safety.


With BL Agri, you're choosing the very best from the farm to your table.

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